-Donald, this is getting real. This is — -Yeah, it’s getting real. I agree. -You still have time. Do you still want to do this? I mean, there’s time. -We’re doing well. It’s been really a lot of fun, and it’s an amazing movement all over the country. It’s been… Continue Reading Donald Trump Talks Media Coverage, Polls and His Vocal Transformation

-Your daughter is — I saw she’s getting very involved in politics. -Yeah, Romy, Romy. She’s an amazing — She’s so talented. I mean, at age 20 years old, I mean she writes, she — great photographer, artist. She wrote a whole screenplay by herself. -Fantastic. -And eight episodes of… Continue Reading Rob Reiner Addresses the Capital Gazette Shooting and the Importance of Free Press

– [Narrator] In a political climate as crazy as this one, the most powerful speech at the United Nations wasn’t actually from a world leader but from a KPop band, huh ? We have the FAQs. “I wanna hear your voice, and I wanna hear your conviction.” – [Narrator] That… Continue Reading How BTS and K-Pop disrupted mainstream politics