Rohan Stop it!! I am going to kill you Rohan Rohan Rohan What? GO, get some coke for me You get it yourself Can’t you see that I am in middle of something here She is in trouble Here, Akka(sister) Don’t you want? After you Rohann Let me find you…… Continue Reading Thammudu – Annoying Things Brothers Do || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

The machine is called a steno writer and there are 22 keys. There are no letters on it, so it’s not like a regular keyboard. You write things phonetically. So there are vowels, but the letters are not on the actual keys and you can combine different letters to create… Continue Reading Court Reporter MAGIC! The Steno Machine

Hi guys! It’s Lucie. I’ve received a ton of questions on Instagram and YouTube and Twitter about my career path and how I got to do what I’m doing today for Refinery29. So I’m hoping to answer all of your questions right now. In order to tell the story of… Continue Reading The Surprising Way I Started My Media Career | Lucie Fink Vlogs | Refinery29

My name is Nicola McAlley, I’m the Highlands and Islands reporter for STV news which basically means that I kind of whizz around the whole of the Highlands and Islands bringing people the latest news, it can be anything ranging from sport to hard news to crime. I come into… Continue Reading Nicola, Reporter