Architecture is an expression of the culture we live in and the cultures that our predecessors have lived in. The newspapers are the flimsiest, the most ephemeral, of media you know, they’re here today and gone tomorrow. Architecture is the most permanent and the slowest by far of all of… Continue Reading Building Fleet Street: The Golden Age of Newspapers

Hello! Welcome to how to pitch a story to a newspaper or magazine. In this video, we’ll talk about the process newspapers and magazines go through when picking what stories to print. Part of this process is called pitching a story. We’ll talk about what it means to pitch a… Continue Reading Module 4 Pitching a Story to Newspapers and Magazines

So Wednesday nights we start off with a meeting at 5 o’clock. Talk about what went right, what went wrong, what was good, what was bad. Throughout the week and for last week’s issue, like if we had a misspelling or something was wrong in last week’s issue we’ll address… Continue Reading Rowan University The Whit Newspaper Deadline

How do I judge my work? Well, if the front page doesn’t end up on Media Watch then I’m not doing my job. When someone picks up a copy of the Tele they can expect fair and balanced journalism. They’ll be disappointed, but they’re welcome to expect it. The Daily… Continue Reading Daily Telegraph: Go behind the scenes of Sydney’s most read newspaper – The Feed

Sham & Jana Hello , yesterday many great events happened, we want to share them with you! we’ve been selected as spatiality finalists in Rookie Awards which is open to young creatives in visual effects, animation games, virtual reality, motion graphics and 3d visualisation . The goal of this Awards… Continue Reading Qualified for finals & Mentioned in newspaper! | Sham & Jana

Hello everyone, welcome back to today we are going to talk about fonts the second most important aspect of designing newspaper or a magazine is the font selection. There are several types of fonts that are available but we are going to classify the fonts into only two categories.… Continue Reading How To Design A Newspaper In QuarkXPress | TYBMM Journalism | PART 2

(WAGGLES TONGUE RAPIDLY) Mah! Mah! Mah! Mah! The tip of the tongue. The tip… Susan, we talked about the bronzer. One minute. Have you ever wondered what makes news news? Who is she talking to? I mean, things are happening all around us all the time. So why do we… Continue Reading What Makes News, News? – BTN Media Literacy