The Return of Superman, episode 192, “I Will Be Your Umbrella”. (A song is being broadcasts) (on radio throughout the whole country.) (It fills the hearts of listeners with emotion.) Who are you and where do you live? – He’s a Chinese dad. / – Pardon? – A Chinese dad.… Continue Reading Seol-Su-Dae star on a live radio show?? [The Return of Superman / 2017.07.30]

(The book Kim Heechul planned on writing) (Anyone who wants to become a girl group, read it!) (“Girl Group Report” by Kim Heechul) This is not what I originally wanted to write. (The book he originally planned on writing) (15 days before the first shoot) The history of JYP. (Aren’t… Continue Reading Reporter Kim Heechul successfully gets in touch with PRISTIN! [We Like Zines! / 2017.06.27]

I also own a personal broadcasting channel. – You do? / – Yes. I found that doing that was quite therapeutic. – Is it? / – Yes. I like being on TV shows and work as a musician, but it also gives me stress. Doing things and talking alone in… Continue Reading How much does Solar earn with her youtube channel? [Happy Together/2019.11.28]

(Episode 22) That’s him. – Thank you so much. / – Well, thank you. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you. What’s his name? Han Giyeong. Are you sure that’s him? How could I forget that face? Take good care of him. Okay. Oh my… Mr. Han… Continue Reading Unkind Ladies | 착하지 않은 여자들 EP.22 [SUB : KOR, ENG, CHN, MLY, VIE, IND]

(Episode 3) Sorry. I had to tell her. It’s okay. I told her how you saved my life. Please have a seat. You haven’t changed. You’ve come a long way. Come and have a seat. Mom, go sit down. Oh my! Are you okay? Are you crazy? Oh my! Ma’am,… Continue Reading Unkind Ladies | 착하지 않은 여자들 EP.3 [SUB : KOR, ENG, CHN, MLY, VIE, IND]

(Episode 1) No, I have too much work today. Just come on out. Obey your company president. Come now. I’m hanging up now. You’ve been promoted as of today, to my woman. Gosh! Hey! Park Dongpal! Stop right there! Hey! My goodness! Are you okay? Hey! Park Dongpal! You jerk.… Continue Reading Big Man | 빅맨 – EP 1 [SUB : ENG, CHN, MLY, VIE, IND]