We cannot win an election without community organising. It was an absolute disgrace the attack that the community organisers were under. It was a concerted organized attack against the community organising team at Southside shortly after the election and right up til this is current day. The community organiser team… Continue Reading Why Labour Needs Community Organising

As some of you may already know my name is Alex Tiffin. I write stories about how austerity and welfare reforms have affected the most vulnerable in our society. Tonight I would like to outline a proposal that I have, as I want as many of you to get involved… Continue Reading We need to shake up Biased News with a #PeoplesReport

Tory policies have led us to the stage where you have nurses in the NHS using food banks. But when you have somebody coming forward saying he will raise the wages of nurses. Saying he will abolish tution fees in schools (universities), he will raise minimum wage, build one million… Continue Reading Lowkey on Corbyn

How do you feel about the election? This is the salvation. What’s it like? It’s electric. – It makes you feel alive. It’s exhilarating and the endorphins afterwards … it’s better than any … Better than sex. How do you feel about the election? Are you going to vote? No.… Continue Reading Scotland: fear and Lothian on the campaign trail | Anywhere but Westminster

I’ve worked in the media for 30 years I know that the hostility to labour leaders who want to change things is what lies behind all of this. if there was a Labour leader who said “that’s fine guys, keep your profits, keep your carbon burning fracking industry, the press… Continue Reading Paul Mason on Tory Lies, The Media Machine and What We Can Do About It

Billionaires control the media, and it is undermining democracy. “This is a great set of papers” “I’ve had such fun out there reading those papers anyone who thinks politics are boring would have their mind changed by these papers. The Sun, Times, Mail, Metro and Telegraph are all owned by… Continue Reading Billionaires Control the Media