Amin speculation that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may make Canada their new home base, Canada’s largest newspaper “The Globe and Mail” made it clear they are not a fan of the idea in a scathing editorial, calling it unconstitutional. From TheGlobeandMail Britain is the inventor of one of the… Continue Reading Canada’s Biggest Newspaper Says Harry and Meghan Not Welcome in Scathing Editorial


Hobby Lobby ran full-page ads in newspapers across the nation during the week of Christmas that celebrated the birth of Jesus and recognized him as “Christ the Lord.” The newspaper ads feature a star above the words “It’s a boy.” Below that is the Bible verse Luke 2:11: “Today in… Continue Reading Hobby Lobby Runs Full-Page ‘Christ the Lord’ Ads in Newspapers Around the Country


Welcome to Daily Headlines your fastest news reporter Please subscribe and Check the notification bell to get latest news Updated a Webpage That Still live on fox news website is this as Published if Headlined Here’s a Reel of Cars Plowing Through protesters Trying to Block The Road The Page… Continue Reading BREAKING:Today 16/08/17 – Fox News Features Story Glorifying Running Over Liberal Protesters

A former Israeli Prime Minister is being linked to recently arrested pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Not only did Epstein hob knob with the Clintons, he has close and salacious ties to former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2014 bankrolled a large investment in high tech for… Continue Reading EXCLUSIVE: It’s Not Just TheClintons – Epstein Has Questionable Ties With Former Israeli Prime Min

Welcome to daily headlines your fastest news reporter please subscribe and check the notification bell to get latest news updated Relative way to fanaticism you not descended on America to raise this nation United Iraq round it quickly erupted in violence and ended right well is you’re a white supremacist.… Continue Reading BREAKING: Today 8/15/17 – Jesse Watters Being Racist On Fox News

Millennial Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Stalin (D-Ny) Could Be In Even Bigger Trouble Than Jussie Smollett, Who Was Just Arrested By Chicago Police For His Fake Hate-Crime. Yesterday, It Was Reported By Multiple Media Outlets That Aoc Helped Funnel $6,000 To Her Boyfriend During Her Campaign. Today, We’ve Learned Those Contributions Were… Continue Reading Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Might Be In Even Bigger Trouble ThanJussie Smollett For Her Lies

Welcome to daily headlines your fastest news reporter please subscribe and check the notification bell to get latest news Updated at a time in which senate republicans and members of president Trump’s own staff are openly questioning his flirtation with authoritarianism Competence to do his job and repeated offense of… Continue Reading BREAKING: 08/26/17 – War is peace: Fox News now wants you to believe Trump’s impulsive is reassuring