it’s a windy day outside as you can see the wind is blowing however there are some signs that spring is on its way oh I can’t wait until spring arrives I can’t wait until this horrible horrible long wet winter is right behind us welcome everyone here we go… Continue Reading What is an Abbreviation? / English Addict – 50 / Wed 11th March 2020 / with Mr Duncan

Young people you should be taught from a young age that this is their community they should have pride where they come from. When me and my friends walk to school we realised that there’s a lot of graffiti which isn’t necessarily good. If you get a jet wash, if… Continue Reading ‘We don’t tackle art, we tackle hate.’ – BBC Young Reporter

MURRAY: Hi. I’m Murray from Sesame Street, and I’m looking for the word on the street. What’s the word on the street? CHILD: Reporter. MURRAY: What is a reporter? WOMAN: A reporter is someone who talks about and writes about major events going on in the world. WOMAN: They might… Continue Reading Sesame Street: Word on the Street – Reporter

>>Kevin Patton: Hi there, this is Kevin Patton, with a brief audio introduction to episode number 63 of the A&P Professor podcast. Also known as TAPP Radio. An audio workout for teachers of human anatomy and physiology. In the upcoming full episode, that is, episode number 63, I’m going to… Continue Reading Episode 63 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

Get ready to share the wonder of science with the new season of Twig Science Reporter! A weekly science news service that will ignite your students’ curiosity. Every week, our short videos bring real-world science right into your classroom. Wow your students with the latest news about space, technology, the… Continue Reading Twig Science Reporter Season Four Starts September 12 | Twig Science Reporter

Hi I’m Kerry Green, I’m the Head of the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages. The school has three new spaces. The first is a brand new radio station and studio. We have a refurbished television studio and we have a multimedia languages facility. The new spaces, the new… Continue Reading New Studio Facilities (TV, Radio & Languages) – University of South Australia

The Marvin Library Learning Commons is a research and study hub for the campus. The learning commons includes a combination of service areas that provide academic support for students. These include the Dwight Marvin Library, the college Learning Centers and the instructional Media Center. An annex to the library building… Continue Reading Marvin Library Learning Commons (MRV)

[cheering/applause] Gerry: Twenty seconds on the clock, please. The clock will start after I finish reading the first question. Good luck. Name the section of the newspaper that people read first. Ryan: Sports. Gerry: Besides Canada, name a country that starts with the letter C. Ryan: Colombia. Gerry: Name a… Continue Reading Do you read the crossword section of a newspaper? | Family Feud Canada

Steve Lague: So, talking about marine radios, run us through the different types and how important they are to have on your boat, and working. Doug King: Look, they’re extremely important and it’s extremely important to have them working and that you know how to use them, because they’re your… Continue Reading How to use a marine radio | Club Marine