This is a garbage-person mover. This is one of my favorite cars. This is where you are garbage on the inside and out. Like you can even be like a little bit ugly and I’d give you a chance. Aw, tight. I hate this. No shit should be talked about… Continue Reading Guy vs. Girl: Cars | Donut Media

Hillary’s got a pedophile ring in a pizzeria. That just seems like that seems like real news. My parents are hard to follow on social media. My mom capitalizes everything she has no clue how social, she just capitalize everything so it’s like she’s yelling at everybody. WENT OVER TO… Continue Reading Truck Jokes- Parents on Social Media-Ep7

♪ ♪ ♪ I WAS FINE BEFORE I MET YOU ♪ ♪ I WAS BROKEN BUT FINE ♪ ♪ I WAS LOST AND UNCERTAIN ♪ ♪ BUT MY HEART WAS STILL MINE ♪ ♪ I WAS FREE BEFORE I MET YOU ♪ ♪ I WAS BROKEN BUT FREE ♪ ♪… Continue Reading Gwen Stefani – Make Me Like You (Live From The Radio Disney Music Awards)

When these stars, start to fall, Will you love me, will you call I need you close, don’t run away don’t run away Chasing highs, in the midnight sun We fought for love, we were on the run Tried my best, to give you what you need So one more… Continue Reading Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Stay A While (Radio Edit)

T: Next we’ll listen to ‘B-DAY’ B: Tei’s Dreaming Radio! Move stupid like it’s your birthday This is how we celebrate man Ah yeah man~ Uh, get ’em Sunglasses, necklace, gold teeth, ice clean My style is blinding Ya’II know the light surrounds us wherever we go We’re like Medusa… Continue Reading RADIO LIVE | iKON – B-DAY 20170607 [Tei’s Dreaming Radio]

But my mom got tired of trying and stopped Have you have hurtful things said to you because of your appearance? When I was young, it happened a lot Of course before kindergarten I was fine and dandy receiving my parents’ love But once I entered kindergarten “I was the… Continue Reading [RADIO STAR] 라디오스타 – Han Hyun-min, I do not speak English, so I cut it in CF ?!20171227

♪ DON’T NEED PERMISSION ♪ ♪ MADE MY DECISION ♪ ♪ TO TEST MY LIMITS ♪ ♪ CUZ IT’S MY BUSINESS ♪ ♪ GOD AS MY WITNESS ♪ ♪ START WHAT I FINISHED ♪ ♪ DON’T NEED NO HOLD UP ♪ ♪ TAKING CONTROL OF ♪ ♪ THIS KINDA MOMENT… Continue Reading Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman (Live From The 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards)

– Hey, it’s Annie LeBlanc, and here are some of my holiday favorites. My favorite holiday song right now is “It’s Gonna Snow,” plug, but it’s a great song. So my favorite holiday tradition is opening one present on Christmas Eve. It’s always pajamas, but it’s always still so fun.… Continue Reading Annie LeBlanc’s Holiday Favorites | Radio Disney

Amber, what’s your favorite music genre? Hip hop? Oh my music type! I like Rock and metal I like Rock, but after I came to Korea I listen more pop songs You passed the audition for singing? You sing very well So So?! could you please sing for us little… Continue Reading [ENG SUB] Radio Star 라디오스타 – Amber presents an ideal man 엠버의 이상형은 누구?! 20150304

when I got arrested I was coming from China first class feel me I’m drinking port wine and eating cheese in first class to eating slop and sleeping on a like a cot you know saying like I never going back there fashion kind of pays the bills designing, styling… Continue Reading BLOODYOSIRIS on Going to Jail, Relationship with Virgil Abloh & Social Media Hustle