It is easier to see the trend on a chart after it has occurred. Trying to identify the trend as it is developing is much more difficult. This monthly chart shows a sustained uptrend trend, but there is a slowing of that trend toward the end. Will the upward trend… Continue Reading The Philosophy Of Trendline & Channel Trading In Forex (Price Action Shortcuts)

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan of Sussex have had their first baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, and he’s seventh in line to the throne. We have the FAQs. Traditionally, the line of succession to the British throne has been determined by descent, gender… more on that later, legitimacy and religion. George… Continue Reading Royal succession, explained: Why Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan’s baby Archie isn’t going to be king

four days have agreed to clean your breath while you clean your feet and helped off to negates and laughter cream sample for soft glamorous correctable here springhill arm is broke starring eve arden palmieri sort of august wrote written by al lewis well it’s always pleasant the welcome back… Continue Reading Our Miss Brooks: Exchanging Gifts / Halloween Party / Elephant Mascot / The Party Line