At first, I was really orientating the tools towards mastering, and that’s where we created, I would say the fluxien-typicity, the natural sound, the transparence, the excellence without bias, that’s to say that we consider that it’s the user that turns the buttons, who makes the sound, we give them… Continue Reading EVO.Channel – The Philosophy behind…

In a previous video we went over some basic output bus functionality. These were things like EQ, Dynamics, and inserting a graphic EQ. Now, let’s take a look at some more advanced functions. These are things like changing your bus setup, and changing your output patch. In some situations, you… Continue Reading CL/QL Series Training Video: 4.7. Output Channel Operation – Advanced

To begin with the Evo Channel, I’d like to talk to you about the signal entry section, it’s composed of an entry gain, that’s here, a drive system that allows harmonic generation on the entry signal as well as an electrical phase inverter and an arbitrary acoustic phase inverter. When… Continue Reading Tutorial EVO.Channel by Yves Jaget – Phase and Drive

hello Internet it’s nice to see you again Internet how is the World Wide Web doing well as you can see outside the window it is very misty at the moment very misty outside things are looking a little murky outside the window right now here in England yes we… Continue Reading English Addict – LIVE Lesson 009 – Learn Information Words/Phrases – SUNDAY 24th November 2019

In this video I will show you How to check if a YouTube channel is streaming live or not The history about this video last week I was wondering how to add a new feature to my YouTube bot to enter to a live streaming automatically The first thing I… Continue Reading How to check if YouTube channel is streaming live | kotlin tutorial

What’s up, guys? Hey Bardia, how’s it going? Good. How are you guys? Do you wanna come in? Yeah, for sure. Thank you very much. Welcome to my house. This is the family room. And how long have you lived in this house then? Ah, two years. So I lived… Continue Reading 43 Questions with Bardia Jalayer

What’s up Western. It’s Hannah Ng from Western TV, and this is your top story of the week. Youtuber Jack Denmo has been banned from Western after students complained about how he acted while filming a Halloween video. The video, which was just released, shows Denmo dressed as Batman disrupting… Continue Reading Jack Denmo banned from Western University