You are gonna speak about a love story that is not only a love story but also a fascinating story from the web. Yes. They met each other thanks to the web. I met them and I need to admit that I also fell in love with them. His name… Continue Reading TV Interview – Julia & David on Radio Canada (English Subtitle)

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Hi, I am Stephen Fitzpatrick: singer and guitarist extraordinaire. Yes. I’m Audun Laading and I play bass and I’ll do backing vocals and together We are Her’s! We formed when, I guess, I came over from nowhere and you traveled over from Barrow with your dad and I came with… Continue Reading An Interview with Her’s for Selector Radio

Trying to let you know I send you a sign, send you a signal I must let you know I send you a sign, send you a signal I must let you know I send you a sign, send you a signal But it’s not working at all I give… Continue Reading RADIO LIVE | TWICE – SIGNAL, 트와이스 – 시그널 20170530 [Tei’s Dreaming Radio]