♪♪ Hello, lovelies! I’m Sawyer, and I’m a gluten-free judger. And I’m Madysin, and a Kardashian retweeted me once. Welcome back, we’re so excited to make another vlog. We got so many views last time, that we’re getting like supes fames. Last week I was in Anthro, and someone came… Continue Reading The Most Organic Vlog: Social Media Tips

Hey ! Listen ! You like everything on Facebook except for my posts. I swear on Guru Gopinath Bab, but you don’t appear on my Facebook only. I believe, we are not friends on Facebook !! You have not added me! What are you saying? I have added the entire… Continue Reading How Kashmiri Parents do Social Media.

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Okay, how’s- how’s this? Am I in the shot? Yeah, yeah, okay. Hello my friends and future friends! What channel? Where am I..? You were looking for fun, and you found it! Uh… how did I get here? I don’t know, but you’re here and that’s what’s important! Okay! Yeah,… Continue Reading OHSOANNOYING CHANNEL TRAILER

Huh!? Gah! Fwah!? Blagggghhhh!!!! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shiiiiiiiiiit! ZOMBIE: Daaah…. Where’d he go? SKELETON: I think he’s hiding… Hold on, I have an idea. Ohhh Nooooo… The sun has come out… The fire… It burnnnnns… Ow, ow… ow…. Brains!? Duhh…. Maybe he has no brains after… Continue Reading EPIC MINEQUEST 2 | “Quest for Diamonds” by Sam Green Media

– [Woman] Hi! – [Man] Hey, nice to meet you. – In the flesh. – All right. Ciara Reynolds. – Ben! – Who are you? I know nothing. Ciara… Reynolds… (orchestral music) All right. Yeah. I can be into this. Tampa… – I’m from Tampa. – Really? – Yeah. –… Continue Reading Why You Should Never Stalk Your Date On Social Media

Hey Little Stinkers welcome back to the first and only channel on YouTube Um before we get into the video today I want to say that this video is actually sponsored by Fortnite. Which is awesome! Because I literally play this game all the time! I’ve never been more exited… Continue Reading The Worst Fortnite Channel On YouTube

let’s check today’s work list what i did today i helped an old man Come on grandfather Where are you taking me My house is this side Go home later Let me help you first Leave me ahhh…. A bomb defused mom I have done a lot of works today… Continue Reading Batman vs Superman Spoof | Hindi Comedy Video | Pakau TV Channel

[music]try to try to try to fall away [music]running in my dream my dreams they said suburban to reality – reality [music]Familia see truth [music]way too much [music]and I’ve been waiting here for you since lobby [music]I’ve been waiting here for you since the beginning of [music]there’s a secret [music]here… Continue Reading 1.14 Epic Minecraft update[seriously what have you done]!