[SMG4 Intr-] Mario: Get a-ready to move your PINGAS! Mario: Hello! Mario: [Italian Gibberish] Mario: [Another Italian Gibberish] Luigi: CALL 9-1-1 NOW! Mario: LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLE!!! Luigi: [Screams like a scared woman!] Mario: Whoa! Mario: Take-a that! (ooh shiny) Mario: Come here, fishy, fishy! Mario: Here fishy, fishy…… Continue Reading The Mario Channel: MARIOBUSTERS

Glitchy Boy and SMG4 intro (Warning: Do not do any of these stunts that are done in this video) Ho ho, hello! It’s ya boy Mario! Ha ha! Welcome to Mario Jackass! [Italian gibberish] Okie dokie! [More Italian gibberish] Okie dokie! Let’s-a go! Come on! C’mon, hee hee. [Ded] Yippee!… Continue Reading SMG4: The Mario Channel – Mario’s Jackass

(The goddamn Glitchy Boy intro) (SMG4 Presents :D) Mario: GRR! (SYKE! This is Mario’s channel!) Mario: Get ready to move your pingas! (Suspensefully zooming into a castle) Mario: Ha-ha! Hello! (It’s-a Mario…) (gibberish) Here we go! (Sexy mario challenge) Flying Mario Head TV: (gibberish) x3 Toad: Owoahwoahwoah! N-n-NOOO! Wario: AAH!… Continue Reading The Mario Channel: MARIO’S CHALLENGE