– Doctor Judy, how common is sensory processing disorder? – So, it’s about 5 to 16% of children, and it usually starts very young, so you’ll notice things very early on, in toddler hood most of the time. You’ll start to notice that they’re developing differently, if you have other… Continue Reading Is Endless Scrolling on Social Media Harming Kids Health?

– Parenting a teen can be challenging, but one Texas dad came up with a very creative way to discipline his daughter. He confiscated her cellphone and took over all of her social media for two weeks. Just take a look here are a few great pictures. – [Travis] That’s… Continue Reading Dad Punishes Daughter by Taking Over Her Social Media

My name is Ming-Zher Poh, I’m a PhD candidate at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, and I work at the Media Lab. We have developed a new technology that enables remote, non-contact measurement of vital signs, such as heart rate and respiration rate, using a basic digital… Continue Reading MIT Media Lab Medical Mirror

Hello, I have just come away from lecturing our medical students on the topic of biases in clinical trials,… …and I thought this would be a good topic to mention briefly in my monthly HTA Directors’ message. It applies, after all, to commission topics and researcher-led applications. And the basic… Continue Reading HTA Director Hywel Williams – Bias in Clinical Trials

Peter Drucker famously said if I want to know what you believe I could ask you what you believe and maybe I’ll believe your answer. But show me your calendar and your bank statement and then I’ll really know what’s going on. And what we tried to calculate was the… Continue Reading How We Chase Dopamine: Porn, Social Media, and Alcohol | Steven Kotler

Quantum interference enables constant-time quantum information processing We live in the age of information and thus efficient data processing is crucial. It is especially important in science, medicine, engineering and information technology that demand fast processing of images, sound, radio signal and records coming from various probes and cameras. Since… Continue Reading Quantum interference enables constant-time quantum information processing

The role of the TGA, information for consumers What is the TGA? We regulate Therapeutic Goods in Australia including how they are manufactured and advertised. We are part of the Australian Government Department of Health. What are therapeutic goods? The term Therapeutic Goods includes products such as medicines and medical… Continue Reading The role of the TGA: Information for consumers

Translator: Julia Allen Reviewer: Tanya Cushman This is my dad. He’s actually one of the smartest people I know. As you can see, he’s a Cardinals fan. That’s because we’re from St. Louis, Missouri, which is where I grew up. I was there a few months ago. We were having… Continue Reading Are you confused about health information? You’re not alone | Lisa Fitzpatrick | TEDxMidAtlantic