The purpose of this new system is to create a single global immigration system, that the UK government is in control of so yes we will bring overall numbers down by reducing the number of people with low skills coming to The United Kingdom, but also by ending freedom of… Continue Reading Priti Patel lays out plans for new point-based immigration policy

Media literacy means to try, when using or producing media content, to be critical and have a sense of personal responsibility towards that content, by being able to document it, and genuinely trying to empower the readers. News literacy now, is a subcategory of media literacy, which concerns the content… Continue Reading Media Literacy: Migration & the role of online media journalism VOL2

Humans have been changing and mixing and blending and trans culturalism is the future of the globe. It’s not a frightening thing if you’re open to it. Systems need to evolve all the time, and I think my role is to help fuel the evolution to reflect the times. And… Continue Reading Radio LoRa’s Intercultural Tandem

[MUSIC] We’re in Friendship Park at the corner where United States ends and Latin America begins. [MUSIC] Many families come here every weekend to visit, families that have not seen each other in 10 or 15 years. Mothers are able to see their children through this border wall. [MUSIC] Before… Continue Reading Families Reunite At U.S.-Mexico Border At Friendship Park | NBC News