now North Korea’s launch was time to fall on one of America’s biggest holidays of the year Thanksgiving US media says the launch is the regime’s message to Washington that the clock is ticking on leader Kim Jong Un’s year-end deadline for the two sides to resume nuclear talks Oh… Continue Reading U.S. media, gov’t react to Kim Jong-un’s “Thanksgiving missile test”

North Korean leader Kim jong-un is sending a Thanksgiving message to u.s. President on trumpet through his regimes latest missile launch that’s the common perception among US media outlets as a report on the North latest firing of two projectiles The Washington Post says Pyongyang uses two star Thea the… Continue Reading Kim Jong-un sending Trump “Thanksgiving message” with missile launch: U.S. media

Cable news loves American weapons. Whether it’s Tomahawk missiles. Tomahawk missiles. Tomahawk cruise missiles. Or the “mother of all bombs.” MOAB, also called the “mother of all bombs” The “mother of all bombs” TV news is saturated with images of American firepower. They are beautiful pictures of fearsome armaments. But… Continue Reading How the media’s weapons fetish primes us for war

What is a submarine? A submarine is a steel tube in which we put three thousand pound hydraulic pipes, 4,500 pounds per square inch high pressure air, everywhere you can reach we’ve got 450 bold AC power, 250 volt DC power we have fans and pumps. We armed with the… Continue Reading Discovery Channel: Submarines – Sharks Of Steel 1of4: The Submariners

While U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly dismissed North Korea’s series of missiles in recent months as being short-range and “very standard”,… reports indicate advancements in North Korea’s arsenal. For more on this Lee Seung-jae reports. Since May,… North Korea has fired off at least 18 missiles. However, despite the… Continue Reading N. Korea’s missile technology threatens U.S. bases in S. Korea, Japan: NYT

Japan’s Defense Ministry has made a record-high defense budget proposal for next year as the abba administration seeks to heighten Japan’s defense capability to counter threats from North Korea and China according to local media the ministry has requested a budget of fifty point three billion u.s. dollars for the… Continue Reading Japan sets sights on record US$50.3 billion defense budget

Radio hobbyists like these guys could potentially save our lives in the event of a nuclear attack or any disaster, really. It turns out there’s a lot of them in Hawaii and we went to spend some time with them. And then this happened. “A missile may impact on land… Continue Reading Hawaii’s False Alarm Missile Threat Highlights Use of Ham Radio | NBC Left Field

China’s new missile is locked on to the US And could carry a nuclear warhead As US-China Trade talks resume. This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest China news, and click the notification bell so you get an alert… Continue Reading New China Missile Could Hit US | US China Trade Talks | China News

9th of August, 1945…It’s written here from right to left… Chanson singer and Actor, Akihiro Miwa was 10 years old at the time. In 1945 on that day, he was at home in Nagasaki, as he was drawing for summer holiday’s homework the atomic bomb was dropped. Well, it was… Continue Reading Atomic bomb Hiroshima/Nagasaki – Akihiro Miwa