Global military spending is on the rise. That means more and better equipped soldiers on land more warships at sea and more high tech fighter jets in the skies. In 2018, worldwide, military spending hit 1.8 trillion dollars. It has reached the highest point since us at SIPRI have started… Continue Reading Why Global Military Spending Is On The Rise

The trade war took a dangerous turn and is now morphing into what many are calling a currency war. It’s all out economic warfare between the two biggest economies in the world. U.S. and China. Two key developments took us here. The Chinese currency weakened passed a significant level that… Continue Reading How The US-China Trade War Turned Into A Currency War

The arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou put markets on edge. This new element of the stock tumble, an arrest. The CFO of Huawei. The CFO and her company are under scrutiny by U.S. authorities who claim that the Chinese telecoms gear maker violated U.S. sanctions on Iran This arrest.… Continue Reading Why The US Thinks Huawei Is A National Security Threat

Venezuela was once South America’s richest country. Now it’s in turmoil. Here’s how we got here. Juan Guaido declared himself acting president of Venezuela in January 2019. Venezuela, though, already had a president — Nicolas Maduro. The socialist leader has led the country since dictator Hugo Chavez’s death in 2013.… Continue Reading How Venezuela Descended Into Turmoil

College in America: it’s four years of all nighters, keg stands, ethnically diverse welcome brochures, Pinterest perfect dorm rooms and crushing student debt. I have $69,812, $47,000, $90,000, $35,000, $350,000, $60,000 worth of student loans. My minimum student loan payment is $1,000 a month. It should take me about 10… Continue Reading Why College Is So Expensive In America

So I am joined here by Mikhail Sosonkin from Cenac You’re gonna show how easy it is to hack into a computer so this is my personal computer. So in this attack we will pretend to be a wireless access point that you normally connect to let’s say in a… Continue Reading Watch This Russian Hacker Break Into Our Computer In Minutes | CNBC

In his trade conflict with China, President Trump has made big demands and big claims that his tariffs on Chinese imports will force Beijing to give in. I think we will make a deal with China. I really think they want to. I think they sort of have to. The… Continue Reading How The U.S. And China Are Fighting For Global Power