17:17:55:03>>>Coming up next on “Arizona 17:30:11:27 Horizon,” the parent company of 17:30:14:12 two major local media outlets is 17:30:16:21 splitting up its broadcast and 17:30:18:21 newspaper holdings. 17:30:20:09>>>An upcoming event looks to 17:30:21:21 focus on the life cycle of 17:30:23:24 innovation. 17:30:24:06>>And we’ll see how old 17:30:25:09 technology is being… Continue Reading Television and Newspaper Breakups & 2014 Innovation Arizona Summit & Hazel and Violet Ink

Move-in day at CU Boulder is an exciting time of year. In order to assure that everyone has a great experience, here’s some important information you should know before arriving. There are three main moving days this year; Tuesday August 20th, Wednesday August 21st and Thursday August 22nd. International students… Continue Reading Fall 2019 Move-In Information University of Colorado Boulder

(upbeat music) Voiceover: Hey, everyone. Thanks for watching 3dmotive.com. This is Donald and in this video we will be covering how to easily set up a 2nd UV channel for your game asset to be used inside of a game engine that uses lightmaps. This tutorial is intended for intermediate… Continue Reading Creating a 2nd UV channel in 3ds Max – 3dmotive

I got held hostage by technology and social media in the worst way imaginable Burnie: Okay So, I’m gonna be moving soon. So I had to get a storage unit. I get there, I’m signing up, I’m finally done with all of that and uh, the guy whose helping me… Continue Reading Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gus the Social Media Hostage

north Korea has lost the right to host the final of the Asia’s second-tier club competition that it’s the decision on Tuesday by the Asian Football Confederation comes a week after the surreal World Cup qualifier match between the two Koreas which was played in an empty stadium in Pyongyang… Continue Reading AFC Cup final moved from Pyeongyang to Shanghai following media concerns

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