c this is the problem with the way to the media in the united states functions today we have a bias in the media is twofold in we’ve talked about this before you have a biased toward sensationalism right so you’re always going to see lady can kardashian story oro… Continue Reading CNN’s Pathetic False Equivalency Bias Explained

RON PAUL: I am gaining recognition in the campaign and it’s a threat to a lot of people. It’s a threat to the military-industrial complex, it’s a threat to the bankers, the big corporations who get all the benefit, it’s a threat to the people who preach that we have… Continue Reading “He Who Shall Not Be Named”: The Corporate Media Blackout of Ron Paul

A new poll conducted by the Economist and YouGov shows that 45% of Republicans in this country believe that the government should be allowed to shut down media outlets that they deem as biased or inaccurate. Now I don’t know if Republicans in this country realize that this would mean… Continue Reading Almost Half Of Republicans Think We Should Shut Down “Biased” Media Outlets