[Music playing] Let’s go, Snuffy! Elmo will play with you later. Um, excuse me abuelita. Hmm? Oh! Claro que si. Don’t ring. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. [Music] [Ernie laughs] Good-bye sweetheart. Ok. Thanks Fairy Grandmother. Twinkle out. [Music] Phew! [Music and chatter] [Beeping sounds from phone] It’s a device-free dinner,… Continue Reading Sesame Street Friends Enjoy #DeviceFreeDinner with Common Sense Media!

You are gonna speak about a love story that is not only a love story but also a fascinating story from the web. Yes. They met each other thanks to the web. I met them and I need to admit that I also fell in love with them. His name… Continue Reading TV Interview – Julia & David on Radio Canada (English Subtitle)

Nymn_HS proudly presents Radio Kappa Hello twitch chat Did you guys know Forsen loves stereo effects on cancer music? Follow the Snowchugger Clap your hands to the side you’re hearing it Type PogChamp when it’s centered (Boy) Next Door Well met The pleasure is mine Oh baby a triple! Do… Continue Reading Radio Kappa Ep. 1 | Origins

The journey begins Starts from within Things that I need to know The song of the bird Echoed in words Flying for the need to fly Thoughts endless in flight Day turns to night Questions you ask your soul Which way do I go? How fast is too slow? The… Continue Reading The Journey Home (On Radio) – (with lyrics) – 51/92 – Ace Combat 5 Original Soundtrack

(upbeat music) (mouse clicks) – [Narrator] The dawn of social media was a more innocent time. Friendster launched in 2002 as one more profile to fill out with favorite movies and pseudo-profound quotes. When Facebook opened itself for public access a few years later, it was populated by college students… Continue Reading Was MySpace Music’s Best Social Media Platform?

(phone ringing) – Yeezy so psyched for the new album coming out. Now, you know how usually when the new album drops, we hop back on Twitter and say a bunch of super not woke stuff? How ’bout this time, we just promote the new album? And don’t say– –… Continue Reading Kanye’s Social Media Manager

Media and entertainment have the power to provide perspectives we never thought of. It can change the way we feel, inspire us to create, and take us to world that have never been experienced. It’s easy to see why it’s such a massive influential industry. But with the rise of… Continue Reading The Problem with Christian Music | The Problem with Christian Media – Part 1