man, these woke people don’t even consider Muslims part of India’s culture Hello and welcome to The Show, thank you for joining me today! There is no stop to the woke itch. The itch is continuous. Recently, there was an article in the Print saying Giant statues of Hindu gods… Continue Reading Response To Media And Intellectuals | क्या मुसलमान मूर्तियों और शहर के नामों से डरते हैं?

Namashkar friends. Today, we have a very special guest for interview, a well known journalist Vinod Dua ji.. We’ll put some questions regarding his life and his experiences. so, vinod ji, my first question shall be that in your career, you had plenty of news channel during your time but… Continue Reading Vinod Dua Exclusive Interview with Dhruv Rathee | Media, Modi & Indira Gandhi

Hello friends Four prominent news channels of our country – Zee News, Aaj Tak, India Tv and News India You might have noticed that they are always at the top in TRP They broadcast a prime time debate every evening in which they raise an issue and debate on it… Continue Reading Reality of Indian Media | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

So friends, a Maulvi gets interested in painting. but he didn’t know how to paint. So what he does is that he catches an ant and after dipping that into the ink, leaves that on a paper that helpless ant while being wet in ink, walks and crawls and slips… Continue Reading After Ayodhya Verdict, Media wants “D A N G A” | AKTK

Greetings Friends. A popular, reliable French News paper did a huge exposé on Rafale deal. Let us look at what exactly this newspaper said and also about Indian Government and Reilance´s response to it. Friends, I had made this video in December, explaining the Rafale Deal from every angle. Many… Continue Reading Rafale Deal पर French Media का बड़ा ख़ुलासा! | Explained by Dhruv Rathee