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My name’s Able Seaman O’Brien. I’m 27 years of age from Manchester, England. And I’m a communications information systems sailor on board HMAS Collins. We are responsible for sending and receiving messages or signal traffic to and from the submarine. It does make you feel important. And most communicators on… Continue Reading Communication and Information Systems Submariner

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If you look at binary, the 1’s and 0’s, it looks like a bunch of gibberish to a lot of people, but in some aspects, if you change a 1 from a 0, it could affect a lot. This is the new frontier. This is the new warfare. It’s constantly… Continue Reading Navy Information Warfare Community – IWC

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How the ones and zeros translate from a user’s email, how do they get to the shore? Because there’s no cable lines, there’s no fiber lines and that’s our job completely. IT, as a civilian job, you’re sitting in a cubicle and you’re the network administrator. An IT on the… Continue Reading Navy Information Systems Technician – IT

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I’m first-class petty officer Marie Antoinette Molina and I’m an information systems technician. And I am Chief Petty Officer Angelena BellHolifield. Information technology offers a variety of career paths. Marie Molina – Voice and data and video communications. Angelena BellHolifield – General network administration. Marie Molina – From email to… Continue Reading U.S. Navy Information Technology