In an era marked by heated claims of media bias, journalists need to ensure that news coverage is independent and impartial. Education, the field I know best, is one where it should be easy to meet this bar. To see where things stand, two colleagues and I analyzed major media… Continue Reading Media bias in education coverage? | IN 60 SECONDS

(news themed music) – Hey! Take some of this news, that I have found, here. Here’s some news. Some American news. The news being that American news is bad and sucks. It’s a beacon of truth, now reduced to a dusty attic bulb. The glue that holds our democracy together… Continue Reading American Media is Bad and Here’s Why – SOME MORE NEWS

If you switched on the television in the U.S. this week, you’ve seen a lot of this: “… the world watching that high-stakes summit” “… we’re continuing our breaking coverage ahead of President Trump and Kim Jong-un’s high-stakes summit …” “… an unprecedented nuclear summit with North Korea’s leader, Kim… Continue Reading How North Korea’s Media Is Covering the Summit | NYT News

>>Several mainstream media outlets have issued a correction on their reporting of statements that Hillary Clinton had made in regard to Tulsi Gabbard. Now the statements in question were clear, in my opinion. They were in a podcast, we had audio, in fact, why don’t we listen to that audio… Continue Reading Hillary Clinton Pressuring Media To “Correct” Tulsi Gabbard Stories

“As people get desensitized to the same types of attacks, there’s incentive to try something new: using tactics, new weapons, new targets and, in this case, we have this live-streaming.” “Facebook and Twitter frantically trying to pull this down. I think that was part of the panic that this person… Continue Reading How the New Zealand Gunman Used Social Media | NYT News

As soon as China announced it would remove term limits on the presidency, its censors and propaganda machine kicked into gear. The surprise move would clear the way for Xi Jinping to stay in power indefinitely. It’s a break from China’s decades-old rules to prevent power from being too centralized… Continue Reading How China’s Media Sold Xi Jinping’s Power Grab | NYT

The disappearance of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi made international headlines. “The mystery deepens tonight over the fate of Jamal Khashoggi. Did the Saudi royal family have him murdered?” News outlets from Saudi Arabia broadcast their own theories of what they say really happened. Khashoggi is a former adviser to senior… Continue Reading How Saudi News Media Is Spinning Khashoggi’s Disappearance | NYT News

Good morning, Hank. It’s Tuesday. So I was talking to a friend at VidCon, actually I wasn’t talking to him, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed trying to make sure that everyone was having a good time at VidCon. You know I’m looking to see if there were any… Continue Reading My Information Diet