TERRORBLADE: And now for my next trick, the ranged barracks shall disappear! RUBICK: What was the first trick? TERRORBLADE: This! REFLECTION: I am the grrrandest magus! RUBICK: Noooooo! Look! Enigma is using Black Hole! Don’t you wnat to go steal it? REFLECTION: RrRr? Where!? RUBICK: That way! …Oh. It worked.… Continue Reading The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 58: Gank Squad

China impose new tariffs on US

Hi, Ryan. Do you have any media companies displaying NZ Made Day? We’re NZ owned and staffed. I’m wondering whether we should apply. Great question. We haven’t to date had any media companies apply for the New Zealand Made license. There’s no reason why not. In fact, when the quality… Continue Reading Q&A Can a New Zealand media company use the logo?

Have a good time

Another big platform out there, Pinterest, is growing its advertising potential by adding a new ad format: Promoted Carousel Ad. Pinterest felt it has to keep up with the competitors hence the new feature. What’s up? This is Tomasz from Brand24. Welcome to the #SocialRecap our rundown of the latest… Continue Reading Pinterest introduces Promoted Carousel Ads & Other Social Media Updates | #SocialRecap ep. 22

hello Internet it’s nice to see you again Internet how is the World Wide Web doing well as you can see outside the window it is very misty at the moment very misty outside things are looking a little murky outside the window right now here in England yes we… Continue Reading English Addict – LIVE Lesson 009 – Learn Information Words/Phrases – SUNDAY 24th November 2019

hey guys Albe here for another episode about our Aprilia Tuono 1100 v4 in this episode I’m gonna install the Piaggio media platform. I got myself the piaggio media platform itself also known as a PMP 2.0 and I also got myself the installation kit for it, now this installation… Continue Reading Install Aprilia PMP 2.0 media platform on a Tuono v4 1100RR

Hi, I’m Keith! I’m Ned! I’m Zach! And I’m Eugene! And we’re… The Try Guys! Ned: We’re back, baby! And welcome to our brand new channel. Ned: The four of us have been hard at work building an independent production company together! (slaps) Zach: On this channel, we’re more than… Continue Reading THE TRY GUYS | Channel Trailer