it’s a windy day outside as you can see the wind is blowing however there are some signs that spring is on its way oh I can’t wait until spring arrives I can’t wait until this horrible horrible long wet winter is right behind us welcome everyone here we go… Continue Reading What is an Abbreviation? / English Addict – 50 / Wed 11th March 2020 / with Mr Duncan

So hello everybody I found a new product on a booth, this one. I know, i will say that “it is not new”, you know it already, no that’s not the same, that’s from Merck. We have here the MC-Media pads for several purposes in microbiological diagnostics. At the moment… Continue Reading MC-Media Pad® : A convenient solution for microbial testing

What’s up guys welcome back to another video on the channel. Today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the Xbox Series X when it’s gonna be revealed and this new image that has been circulating on Reddit and Twitter today. So this is the image in question it is supposedly… Continue Reading XBOX SERIES X MEDIA BRIEFING LEAKED!

NIGEL: Dota 2. A competetive game of action and strategy. Two teams of five heroes face off on the landscape of the Radiant and the Dire, waging campaigns of cunning, stealth, and outright warfare. It is a game of infinite depth and complexity. I’ve learned so much in my time… Continue Reading The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 41: All Pick [Season 3 Premiere]

North Korea is also on high alert due to the virus the regime decided not to allow any foreigners into its territory Pyongyang is also continuously releasing reports on the disease and how to prevent it from spreading Oh jung-hee has the full story in fear of the rapidly spreading… Continue Reading N. Korea on high alert to prevent spread of new coronavirus

Hi I’m Kerry Green, I’m the Head of the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages. The school has three new spaces. The first is a brand new radio station and studio. We have a refurbished television studio and we have a multimedia languages facility. The new spaces, the new… Continue Reading New Studio Facilities (TV, Radio & Languages) – University of South Australia

>>Let me just first, congratulate Curtin University, School of Journalism, on its 40th Anniversary; forty years is a long time, but before my recent retirement I could claim to have been continuously employed as a Television Journalist, Producer/Reporter, Executive Producer and Presenter for some forty-four years. My last, and indeed,… Continue Reading Controversial media critic, Jonathan Holmes, speaks at Curtin University

In recent years, social media networks have grown exponentially, with Facebook having a massive 2.3 billion active monthly users. However platforms like Twitter and Facebook have also faced a lot of controversy and without going to much into details I want to highlight just one in this video: centralisation. When… Continue Reading Distributed social media – Mastodon & Fediverse Explained