Following continuous gaffes on the campaign trail Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden has reportedly cut his speeches to less than 15 minutes in order to avoid any unnecessary gaffes in public Joe Biden has made a series of addresses to voters recently and none of them have clocked over 15 minutes… Continue Reading After More Embarrassing Gaffes, Biden Campaign Makes Big Change To Future Speeches

So what is fake news?A cow born with two heads Wait that’s real. So, how do you-know-what news to trust when sometimes the outrageous is real. Fake news is a term that was born out of opposing political views. Each side wants to own the definition. But who should really… Continue Reading What is Fake News and How To Spot It

The mainstream media often pretends to be unbiased and balanced … but of course, anybody who pays attention to networks like CNN and MSNBC knows that nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps one of the most biased anti-Trump journalists is Chris Cuomo, the brother of the current Democrat… Continue Reading Chris Cuomo’s Anti-Trump Bias Is So Bad Even Liberal Senators Are Calling Him Out

Investigative Reporter Uncovers How Trump�s Favorite Nickname for CNN Got Started The origin of the infamous �fake news� phrase hurled back-and-forth between mainstream media outlets and President Donald Trump appears to have been uncovered by an investigative journalist. At a recent TedX Talk at the University of Nevada, investigative journalist… Continue Reading Investigative Reporter Uncovers How Trump’s Favorite Nickname fo

Trump Manhandles Reporter� Leaves Him in Epic Retreat, �I� I Don�t Want to �� When ABC News anchor David Muir anchor asked President Donald Trump during an interview this week whether he could hear the crowds during the so-called Women�s March in Washington from the White House on Saturday, the… Continue Reading Trump Manhandles Reporter… Leaves Him in Epic Retreat, “I… I Don’t Want to …”

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