Amin speculation that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may make Canada their new home base, Canada’s largest newspaper “The Globe and Mail” made it clear they are not a fan of the idea in a scathing editorial, calling it unconstitutional. From TheGlobeandMail Britain is the inventor of one of the… Continue Reading Canada’s Biggest Newspaper Says Harry and Meghan Not Welcome in Scathing Editorial

this episode of the young texans brought to you by jack that now let’s go to a fox news reaction uh… on and a protesters how you would think that they would be ecstatic because your memory magento bush in you know you new but do they claim they want… Continue Reading Fox News Bias On Egypt Protests (Glenn Beck Is Crazy)

Welcome to One Minute To Midnight. I’m Wilfred Cunningham. The news shapes how we perceive the world, and our place in it. It also informs the way we think. Oral news has been shared since pre-history. Anthropologists have repeatedly documented pre-literate societies and peoples sharing and requesting news with outsiders.… Continue Reading A Brief History Of Media Bias – One Minute To Midnight Episode 22