North Korea is calling on its ruling party officials to be fully determined and pour all their efforts into achieving the regime’s objective self-supported economic growth Pyongyang’s ruling party newspaper Rodong shinmun wrote on Monday that officials need to set and achieve goals that go in line with the party’s… Continue Reading N. Korea urges officials to put full effort into achieving self-supported economic growth


North Korea, one of the most tightly-controlled countries in the world. Looking across the border from South Korea, it fs difficult to imagine living in a place where all the news comes from a single source, where there is no Internet, and where listening to an alternative point of view… Continue Reading Radio wars between North and South Korea

in other news a Japanese newspaper says Japan’s export curves on South Korea imposed last year is backfiring it admits that South Korea is lowering its technological reliance on Japan by making more materials at home chemisant reports South Korea is making achievements and lowering its reliance on high-tech Japanese… Continue Reading S. Korea has made progress in lowering its tech reliance on Japan since export curbs: Asahi Shimbun

Reporter Asked Trump About Gun Control, SUDDENLY All Hell Broke Loose. By Paris Swade. President Trump is the greatest protector of the second amendment that the US has had in forever. Watch this. It�s so frickin� awesome. NBC reporter Ali Vitali asked President Trump about gun control after the Texas… Continue Reading Reporter Asked Trump About Gun Control, SUDDENLY All Hell Broke Loose

North Korea is looking to boost its tourism sector and opened at ski resort for the season this week this comes as North Korean leader Kim jong-un pushes for self-reliance in the face of global sanctions crippling Pyongyang’s economy our own ji young has more in a bid to build… Continue Reading North Korea calling for ‘self-reliance’ in face of sanctions

Australia is enduring some of the worst days in its history from out-of-control bushfires over the weekend the fires turned skies pitch red in the country’s southeast Arjun jung-min hath the details skies and Australia’s South East have turned red due to the bush fires that have been raging for… Continue Reading Red skies in Australia’s southeast due to raging bushfires