North Korea is calling on its ruling party officials to be fully determined and pour all their efforts into achieving the regime’s objective self-supported economic growth Pyongyang’s ruling party newspaper Rodong shinmun wrote on Monday that officials need to set and achieve goals that go in line with the party’s… Continue Reading N. Korea urges officials to put full effort into achieving self-supported economic growth

China is revoking the press credentials of the three Wall Street Journal reporters and telling them to pack their bags after the paper published a controversial op-ed for more on this and other news from around the world we turn to our union at the NewsCenter Tong man tell us… Continue Reading China expels three Wall Street Journal journalists over controversial opinion piece

North Korean state media outlets continued to clean the regime is unaffected by the virus but some watchers believe otherwise that it’s highly possible the reclusive state is already facing the epidemic and the situation poses a challenge to Kim jong-un’s drive towards self-sufficient economic growth we’ll join you shares… Continue Reading Highly likely there are COVID-19 cases in N. Korea: Expert

as the world struggles to contain the new virus a new speculation from the Chinese scientists who believe it may have originated at a research facility not far from the ohon fish market while they say more research needs to be done to find solid proof such labs are known… Continue Reading Chinese scientists says COVID-19/coronavirus could have originated from government …

North Korea has not announced a single Kovan ITIN case despite sharing a border with China its state-run media even reported that the regime is ready to tackle any outbreak for details let’s turn to our whom you ever since North Korea made its first official announcement last Sunday that… Continue Reading N. Korea boasts about “successful” prevention of COVID-19 but FAO doubts this claim

after winning four Oscars parasite has been dubbed a game-changer for the world movie industry and writing on the wave of last weekend’s remarkable achievement more people around the world have been heading to theaters to watch parasite our conn-young reports parasite made history at the 90-second Academy ORS on… Continue Reading ‘Parasite’, winner of 4 Oscars, climbs up box office charts across globe

it’s been over half a year since Japan impose export curbs on South Korea to reduce damage from the retaliatory measure Sona has been striving to localize and diversify routes for key parts and materials kim dummy explains further turning a challenge into an opportunity South Korea has been quick… Continue Reading Over half a year since Tokyo’s export curbs on Seoul…Korean gov’t diversifies and localizes…

now the day after the US Senate vote US President Donald Trump celebrates his acquittal while slamming the Democrats who led the impeachment process are yinz oh man has more president Trump’s response at the White House to Wednesday Senate vote was this did nothing wrong I’ve done things wrong… Continue Reading Trump celebrates his acquittal, slams Democrats

North Korea is also on high alert due to the virus the regime decided not to allow any foreigners into its territory Pyongyang is also continuously releasing reports on the disease and how to prevent it from spreading Oh jung-hee has the full story in fear of the rapidly spreading… Continue Reading N. Korea on high alert to prevent spread of new coronavirus

It’s been over half a year since Japan imposed unprecedented export controls on South Korea last July. For the last several months, Seoul has strived to localize and diversify routes for key parts and materials. In the first installment of our special three-part series, our Kim Dami explains how the… Continue Reading Over half a year since Tokyo’s export curbs on Seoul…Korean gov’t diversifies and localizes..