In light of Clarence Thomas, in light of Duke lacrosse,>You cannot rush to judgement >In light of Ferguson, Trayvon, all these people are wrong so often. That’s Sean Hannity. Host of a nationally syndicated radio show, Fox News anchor, likely the president’s main source of news, and vape God. Sean… Continue Reading Who is Sean Hannity? Fox News Anchor & Conservative Radio Show Host | NowThis

President Trump claims Google is only showing bad news of him. He claims search results are rigged and suppressing voices of conservatives, which poses the question: Does Trump know how the internet works? In his latest point of focus the President of the United States tweeted that Google search results… Continue Reading After Trump Accused Google Of Bias, Here’s How Internet Search Rankings Work | NowThis

– If more good people had concealed carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they go out killing. (applauding) – [Narrator] That’s Jerry Falwell Jr., what a person who swallowed a broken drill would sound like. He’s the president of an evangelical college, a pivotal part of helping… Continue Reading Who is Jerry Falwell Jr? Narrated by Louis Virtel (Crooked Media’s ‘Keep It’ Podcast) | NowThis

Josie Nieto lives in Seville, California, an agricultural community of about 500 people – most of them farmworkers. Say right now, I can – I can carry this. I can open it and dump it to cook beans. But when it’s empty, this one’s empty? There ain’t no way I’m… Continue Reading What’s Causing the California Water Crisis? | NowThis

What actor should play you in your biopic? I like how Rachel Dratch played me during the Kavanaugh hearing on ‘SNL.’ I like beer. Ok, so I asked if you drank in high school and you said, ‘I like beer,’ 10 times. She did an amazing job of capturing that… Continue Reading 20 Questions for 2020: Amy Klobuchar | NowThis