Looking closely to the ice sculpture that took 8h of work… (beautiful piece) Lets take a look closer at this sculpture Reporter : OH MY GOD Reporter : I am so sorry… I am.. I am.. Reporter : I’m so sorry.. Sculptor : Are you serious ?? Reporter : I’m… Continue Reading REPORTER DESTROYS ICE SCULPTURE (8h of work destroyed)

Lenny Rudow here for BoatUS Magazine! When you’re on a boat, your most important lifeline to the outside world is your VHF radio. Now, most of you probably already know the basics of VHF radio operation. Things like, in an emergency, call the Coast Guard on Channel 16. Now, if… Continue Reading 3 Tips for Using a VHF Radio | BoatUS

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Newspapers are dying for a few reasons. Readers don’t want to pay for yesterday’s news, and advertisers follow them. Your iPhone, your laptop, is much more handy than New York Times on Sunday. And we should save trees in the end. So it’s enough to bury any industry. So, should… Continue Reading Jacek Utko: Can design save the newspaper?

Waste Newspaper

Vocabularies hugely used in English newspaper part 2 |words from |how to read

Okay, well I’m originally from Belgium so my heart is still with the Belgium national team, the Red Devil. And so they did very well in the World Cup. Since it’s a remote island, internet is out of the question. So, in that case I would say, a nice bottle… Continue Reading Professor Willy Zwaenepoel, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies

What’s up, guys? Hey Bardia, how’s it going? Good. How are you guys? Do you wanna come in? Yeah, for sure. Thank you very much. Welcome to my house. This is the family room. And how long have you lived in this house then? Ah, two years. So I lived… Continue Reading 43 Questions with Bardia Jalayer