it’s a windy day outside as you can see the wind is blowing however there are some signs that spring is on its way oh I can’t wait until spring arrives I can’t wait until this horrible horrible long wet winter is right behind us welcome everyone here we go… Continue Reading What is an Abbreviation? / English Addict – 50 / Wed 11th March 2020 / with Mr Duncan

With the ongoing spread of the coronavirus around the world, xenophobia is also on the rise from loaded hashtags on social media to physical violence on the streets of some major cities. We’ve seen numerous reports of people of Asian descent primarily East Asians from China, Japan and South Korea… Continue Reading Why fear, hatred, and xenophobia has gone viral with COVID-19

WINNIE CHI-MAN YIP: I think social media has played a huge role in this outbreak, but both in a positive in a negative way. There’s no question that social media penetration in China is very wide, all the way to rural areas. Everybody has a cell phone. So it could… Continue Reading The Coronavirus Outbreak: The Social Media Factor

and media outlets in Germany appraise South Korea’s transparency in tackling the corona virus outbreak Spiegel Online said the South Korean government is not only working to provide great quality medical care but is also focusing on offering thorough transparency another online news source compared how South Korea and China… Continue Reading German media outlets praise S. Korea’s “transparency” in tackling COVID-19

the novel coronavirus outbreak has disrupted global panel manufacturing cutting production by 20 percent on-month in February according to digi time such a drop is mainly because major display factories across the globe including a panel Factory in Wuhan have halted their operations over the virus however the newspaper noted… Continue Reading COVID-19 cuts global panel production by 20% in February

local health authorities are struggling to keep the fast reading Kobe 19 under control with officials ramping up efforts messages of encouragement are pouring out on the internet showing support for the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as its director of General Kim J he tells… Continue Reading South Koreans post supporting messages on social media to health authorities fighting COVID-19

North Korea plans to keep his border shut until there is an effective diagnosis and treatment method for a Cove in 1914 smize Health Minister said in an interview with the Joseon Shinbo a pro-north Korea newspaper in Japan that the key way to keep the virus out is preventing… Continue Reading N. Korea to keep borders shut until COVID-19 treatments ready