Student: My question to you is do you believe any news sources, mainstream or alternative, are bias-free? D’Souza: No, but let’s look to see what we’re trying to achieve. I would agree that, in a certain abstract sense, to be absolutely free of bias is impossible. Why? Because we’re human… Continue Reading D’Souza reveals the solution to media bias & #FakeNews

(light bouncy electronic music) – That’s cute. (doorbell rings) Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Hi! – Hi, package for Mila? – [Milo] It’s Milo, but yes. Alright, not that hard a name. – Have a nice day. – Where’s that guy from? – Did your mom send cookies? – Yeah,… Continue Reading Social Media Vs. Real Life • Broke

Namaste friends welcome back to Sangeeta´s Kreations. if you are new here please make sure to subscribe my channel for latest update, this video is very special to me. Let me teach you How to create an expensive beautiful handmade gift for your Boss on Boss Day. Thanking him or… Continue Reading How to make Newspaper Fan for Boss Day/Wall Decor/DIY

but we begin with a showdown of sorts houston city he was met with nations sources right online as what is the senate on a is for doing conventions that sounds fun he did no better you might expect a preacher look right and that was so the democratic majority… Continue Reading Netroots & Liberal Media Bias: Cenk Hosts MSNBC

Hi, this is Ginny with Simply Beautiful Crafts on behalf of Expert Village and we’re going to make party hats. There are so many fun and different hats you can make out just a newspaper and some masking tape and things to demonstrate. What you really want to have is… Continue Reading How to Make Party Hats : How to Make a Newspaper Hat

Student: It seems as though you’re trying to point fingers at the Democratic Party. As an individual that has grown up in an alt-right area, I am no stranger to listening to other opinions, so I appreciate you coming out and saying your opinion, I just think that you’re pointing… Continue Reading FACT: We can’t have civil debate with leftist, biased media

Hello fellows My name is Ventsislav Vasilev from Origamite Today i will show you how to fold this beautiful origami paper hat please follow the tutorial take a page of old newspaper Well done! hello I am back Now we have this beautiful origami party hat Let’s go to a… Continue Reading Newspaper Party Origami Hat Tutorial