Good morning Hank its Tuesday. So today I want to discuss what we know about the relationship between Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign and the Russian government’s interference in our 2016 Elections, but first a couple notes. Russia is a huge and massively diverse country of 144 million people but in… Continue Reading Trump and Russia: An Introduction to What We Know (and What We Don’t)

come to an news now on fox. Ten this is an Arizona department of transportation camera this is the sixty Seventh Avenue and I ten on the west side of town we have learned. That we have two teenage girls critically injured after a rollover DPS was first on the… Continue Reading News Now Stream 06/21/19 (FNN)

two seven and a half years in prison and now we are learning that it could get much worse for the one time trump campaign chairman welcome. To news now mit bhere — Wedsday eveone With aund noo. evts.n uneecte tur oks. Turnf evts leraln th secos y seencen Planafort… Continue Reading FNN: Stocks rebound after airplanes grounded; Congressional Hearing on Lowering RX Drug Prices