– Doctor Judy, how common is sensory processing disorder? – So, it’s about 5 to 16% of children, and it usually starts very young, so you’ll notice things very early on, in toddler hood most of the time. You’ll start to notice that they’re developing differently, if you have other… Continue Reading Is Endless Scrolling on Social Media Harming Kids Health?

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[ Silence ] Good. The last activity we’re going to do, guys, is called Radio Active River. Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to put you in two teams. Let’s get from [Diego], [Marisol], all you guys, let’s go to that — let’s go by the water — water… Continue Reading Radio “Active” River (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

Previously we have seen how data is a transmitted over the air. But these data are transmitted in multiple streams for better efficiency. But how are these signals classified? Who maps them to the corresponding channel? Hello Everyone welcome back to Fundamentals of 4G. Today we will discuss logical and… Continue Reading 2.5 – LOGICAL TO TRANSPORT CHANNELS MAPPING IN 4G LTE