Stability or stagnation? How does economic stability differ from stagnation? This is very simple. Economic stability is the foundation for development. Overall, stability is always the foundation for development, while stagnation is basically backpedaling without any development. That is the main difference. Look, during the first decade of your tenure,… Continue Reading Putin Challenged By The State Media Journo About Russian Economy, Incomes Growth & Oil Dependence!

RON PAUL: I am gaining recognition in the campaign and it’s a threat to a lot of people. It’s a threat to the military-industrial complex, it’s a threat to the bankers, the big corporations who get all the benefit, it’s a threat to the people who preach that we have… Continue Reading “He Who Shall Not Be Named”: The Corporate Media Blackout of Ron Paul

A new poll conducted by the Economist and YouGov shows that 45% of Republicans in this country believe that the government should be allowed to shut down media outlets that they deem as biased or inaccurate. Now I don’t know if Republicans in this country realize that this would mean… Continue Reading Almost Half Of Republicans Think We Should Shut Down “Biased” Media Outlets

President Donald Trump went after Madonna on Sean Hannity’s show on FNC. On Thursday night he called Madonna “disgusting” for saying she was thinking of “blowing up the White House.” The President of the United States thinks the singer not only hurt herself very badly by the comment, but hurt… Continue Reading Donald Trump: Madonna is ‘Disgusting’ For Women’s March Speech, Fox News Channel

Reporter Asked Trump About Jeff Sessions, What Trump Did Next Made The Room ERUPT By Paris Swade President Donald Trump told a reporter on Monday to be �quiet.� Thank God. Somebody finally told the press the one word that they don�t seem to know anything about. A White House reporter… Continue Reading Reporter Asked Trump About Jeff Sessions, What Trump Did Next Made The Room ERUPT

The report, which, without exaggeration, can only be seen on our TV. VGTRK correspondent Alexander Rogatkin made his way to where all the reporters of his caliber dream to get. But only he has the correct caliber. Moreover, the military word “caliber” is not accidental. Alexander is now on the… Continue Reading Russian Legendary Reporter Gets To A Place Where All Other Journos Dream To Come – Libya’s Heartland