>>Nate Silver has referred to Bernie Sanders supporters as residue. I’m not even kidding. This was through Twitter, and then he proceeded to double down. Now, this was in response to reports indicating that Bernie Sanders has among the most diverse group of supporters. And this of course goes against… Continue Reading Nate Silver Lets His Bias Show…Again

You know, I don’t think that Donald Trump thought even for a second that he was going to have to face Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential election. But as the polls are now showing us, that is a very real and very likely possibility for Donald Trump. And so… Continue Reading Bernie Surges While Trump, The Media, And Establishment Dems Unite To Take Him Down

So over the weekend, Donald Trump suggested committing war crimes in Iran when he suggested that the 52 sites they were going to hit if Iran retaliates against the United States would include cultural sites. Now, this sparked huge backlash, not just here in the United States, but internationally with… Continue Reading Kellyanne Conway Denies Reality After Reporter Corners Her

>>Kenneth Copeland is a bad guy. He’s a televangelist. He has a net worth of about $730 million. And the reason why he’s become so wealthy is because he has scammed parishioners into buying him ridiculous things, like private jets. Now luckily Inside Edition did some really great work and… Continue Reading Televangelist FREAKS OUT On Reporter

If you’ve been paying attention to conservative media for, I don’t know, the last week maybe, you understand that something very weird is happening with a lot of very prominent conservative hosts. First of all, you have Tomi Lahren, who’s suing The Blaze for firing her. Then you have Glenn… Continue Reading Right Wing Media Is Imploding – The Ring Of Fire

Newspapers across the country led by the Boston Globe are banding together to fight back against Donald Trump’s war on the press, specifically his statements that the press is the enemy of the American people. Right now, more than 100 different newspapers in the US have agreed to run an… Continue Reading Newspapers Band Together To Fight Back Against Trump