You know, every now and then I’ll stumble across a headline that just immediately puts me in a bad mood and it puts me in a bad mood because it’s either demonstrably false or completely irresponsible and here over the weekend the Hill published an article with a headline that… Continue Reading Media Is Being Dishonest About Trump’s Impeachment

The plain dealer, a newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio this past Thursday published a scathing op-ed attacking Republican representative Jim Jordan, who also happens to represent part of the area where the plain dealer is one of the most popular newspapers out there. And here is what this op-ed had to… Continue Reading Cleveland Newspaper Torches Jim Jordan For His Disgusting Behavior

Donald Trump has awarded a man by the name of Tommy Fisher, a $400 million contract to build sections of his border wall down in the state of Arizona. So who is Tommy Fisher, right? Well, Tommy Fisher happens to be the owner, CEO of Fisher sand and gravel company,… Continue Reading Trump Gives $400 Million Border Wall Contract To Guy He Saw On Fox News

Over the last year or so, I’ve been telling you about this shift that we have seen in, um, on the youtube algorithm towards what they describe as authoritative, um, sources and what they also described as a move against promoting conspiracy type content. And we had already noticed pretty… Continue Reading SHOCK: YouTube Crackdown a DISASTER for Independent Media