Media bias. People talk about it a lot. Liberal media bias. The conservative media empire. Some see bias as a simple us versus them fight. But it’s not that simple. In May and June of last year, my walk home got a little weird. The events at Gezi Park were… Continue Reading Media Bias and How to Beat It | NFTGA Chapter 4

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Reporter:I was going to ask you to explainquantum computing, but… [crowd chuckles]Um, when do you expect Canada’s ISIL missionto begin again, and are we not doing anythingin the interim while we prepare?Okay, very simply: normal computers work by… [crowd laughs, applauds] No no no, don’t interrupt me. when you walk… Continue Reading Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau schools reporter on quantum computing during press conference

Warum ist Social Media so wichtig und wie kann man das einsetzen als buchhandlung aber auch Verlag. Also es ist vor allem natürlich so dass social media oder das internet im generellen das dritte schaufenster für uns als buchhändlerin buchhändler ist. Und viele unterschätzen das noch wie viel potential darin… Continue Reading Keine Angst vor Social Media – Sarah Reul

Let’s think about the cycle of information. When an event first happens or an issue is recent, it is typically covered by news stations via the Internet, TV, and radio. The next day, and perhaps throughout that week, it will appear in print newspapers. At the end of the week… Continue Reading The Cycle of Information

Information management is critical in the majority of organizations. However, a recent study indicates that more than 70% of documents are written by employees whose everyday responsibilities and skills don’t include writing. This results in a large number of documents scattered all over your organization in a myriad of writing… Continue Reading Information Mapping – What is it? Why use it?

son in the diners and close cars of america’s finest phrase wherever the knowing travelers seeks the last word in luxury the first word in wines is c_ r_ e_ s_ t_ e_ eight the l_a_ m_c_a_ french toast bunker christopher burnt yes press the booker california wine is the… Continue Reading Suspense: Murder Aboard the Alphabet / Double Ugly / Argyle Album