DESTON BENNETT: Thanks for coming out today. Again, my name’s Deston Bennett. I’m with the Grammy producers and engineers wing. The Grammy Awards, as many of you may know, are the only music awards that are peer determined, meaning it’s not the public that votes. Those who vote are members… Continue Reading Andrew Scheps: “Lost in Translation: Audio Quality in Streaming Media” | Talks at Google

interested in professional project management do you know about nodewave we have a project management information system for you you have large projects like product development process optimization, business acquisition product launch, or any strategic projects that must be successful as defined in the project management professional standard we do… Continue Reading Best Project Management Software: nodewave Project Mangement Information System (PMIS) for PMP/PMBOK

♪ [music] ♪ – [Narrator] The famous comedian Groucho Marx once said, – [Groucho] “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member.” – [Narrator] Believe it or not, the economist George Akerlof won a Nobel Prize for analyzing when Groucho-type reasoning makes sense… Continue Reading Asymmetric Information and Used Cars

Welcome back to the gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s video is all about cotton. We discuss what it is, what it’s not, the differences in qualities, the impact on the environment, what you should look for when you buy it, and what to watch out for. Cotton, you might wonder, isn’t all… Continue Reading Cotton Explained – How To Spot Quality Cotton Fabrics, Shirts, Sweaters – Gentleman’s Gazette

top lid and the height of it is 14 inches so the channel size that I put is three and a quarter inches if you want more information about the st3 table of staples that I’ll be using now I’m using half inch cardboard like this as a guide to… Continue Reading HOW TO UPHOLSTER A CHANNEL BENCH – ALO Upholstery

This video is all about knit ties. I’ll discuss what qualities you can get, what materials you should choose,how to choose the right know for your knot tie and how to combine and wear them. First, let’s talk about quality. Knit ties come in two basic qualities: soft and crunchy.… Continue Reading Knit Tie Buying Guide – All You Need to Know About Knit Ties