We continue to see the new features of the new versions of Dinesat 9 and Hdx Radio 3 in this case we will see the new Weather and Voice Over windows. This one is the weather window ; Let´s play a music clip and once the system played the jingle… Continue Reading Hardata .Radio: 4. Voice Over y HTH (Hora y clima). (Hdx Radio 3 / Dinesat Radio 9)

Hi. For Expert Village, I’m Kurt. We’re continuing our series on amateur radio, today, and this section, we’re talking about the fun things you can do after you have your ticket or your license, and are a ham radio operator. I think there are seven or eight of them, so… Continue Reading Introduction to Ham Radio : How to Get Started as a Ham Radio Operator

hello in this video I’m going to show you how to build HTML forms with radio buttons so will cover the following topics first off I’ll start off with the radio button demo then we’ll look at the actual HTML code for building radio buttons and finally we’ll pull it… Continue Reading JSP Tutorial #20 – JSP Forms Radio Buttons

You know — — I have this sudden thought. Yes, yes, yes! It could be like a bonus or something. Mmh, yes! It’s always me and Yamashita-kun, like — Yes, yes, yes! — we do this radio together as casts. You’re right! I wonder what it would be like for… Continue Reading Character Radio – A Boku No Hero Academia Radio Animatic

You are tuning into Wednesday’s January 15th, 2020, YueDong Seoul, where music awakens your ears. Hello, I’m RenD, NCT Dream’s Huang Renjun. Yesterday, we announced that we would be meeting everyone through a viewable broadcast today. Hello everyone! How was your day today? Regardless of how your day went, please… Continue Reading [Eng Sub] 200115 DJ Renjun YueDong Seoul Viewable Radio Broadcast

Hello, the media! celeb press and all that crap newspapers, TV, radio Last week, you accused me of plagiarism I allegedly stole ideas from some guy in England And that guy in England, he saw it he wants to sue me At some point he’s taking a crap in an… Continue Reading F*CK THE MEDIA (REMI GAILLARD)