Do I have a favorite genre of book? Would it surprise you if I said ‘erotica’? [laughs] Aaah! Now these guys are doing it right Now, there’s a book over here I could not put down 5 00:00:20,100 –>00;00:23,200 Pasta! But it’s not just that, it’s also noodles. Oh, it… Continue Reading How to Sell Any Book | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire Skit)

Hi! We’re looking at ways to improve your reading comprehension by thinking more critically. One of the things you should do is to see if the information is a fact or an opinion. Oh, that’s easy! Right? Well… there’s a gray area there… If someone says, “The Earth is flat.”… Continue Reading Distinguishing fact from opinion

The Lexis Library database allows you to search for articles in UK Newspapers. First go to ‘News’ on the main toolbar and the search screen will open. You can type in your keywords or phrases into the ‘Search Terms’ box. try to aim for one keyword or phrase per box.… Continue Reading Lexis Library – UK Newspapers

This is Ms. Sivan, she’s picking up her glasses today and also, she has a reader to use. Tell me how the reader been doing for you? Well, it’s been almost like a miracle to me. I was not able to read my newspaper without special glasses then I would… Continue Reading Low Vision Patient able to read her newspaper again

• Why did a man put his mail in a dog poop disposal for two years? How did a man get duped into buying “poodles” that weren’t even dogs? These are 15 of the most ridiculous news headlines you’ll see – and the equally crazy stories behind them. 15 –Flying… Continue Reading 15 Most Absurd Newspaper Headlines Ever

China impose new tariffs on US

Good morning Hank, it’s Tuesday! It’s Question Tuesday, the day that I answer real questions from real Nerdfighters. Let’s get right to it! I’ll be meeting my boyfriend’s mother at Christmas and she only speaks German. How do I make this less awkward? Well you should learn a little German.… Continue Reading Question Tuesday: My Social Media Hiatus, My Excellent German, and Books!

We finally have the question that the people’s trial will tackle. We were so pleased to see so many people from across the world take part in suggesting questions, shortlisting them and then picking the final question and our question is ‘does reading a book in bed make a difference… Continue Reading What information do we need to collect to answer the People’s favourite question?

A common question type in the IELTS Reading Test is locating information. With locating information questions, you need to read the text in order to find specific information, such as a reason, an example, or an explanation. Let’s look at an example of this task now. On your test paper,… Continue Reading Reading: Unit 5: Locating Information