every situation with mel gibson you remember he got busted and he went on this anti-semitic grant and said %uh the juice dot all the wars itself that he went on to %uh comment on the server breasts over female officer %uh from clear that what up but all this… Continue Reading Mel Gibson Gets Angry w/ Reporter About Jewish Question

MURRAY: Hi. I’m Murray from Sesame Street, and I’m looking for the word on the street. What’s the word on the street? CHILD: Reporter. MURRAY: What is a reporter? WOMAN: A reporter is someone who talks about and writes about major events going on in the world. WOMAN: They might… Continue Reading Sesame Street: Word on the Street – Reporter

>David Luiz: What do you think of the Brazil and Argentina game?>Shaffer: Argentina to win 2-0. With goals from Messi and Tevez.>David Luiz: Yes? >Shaffer: Yes. And when will you wake up from your dream? What? Your dream? It’s a dream isn’t it? Yes.>David Luiz: Ah OK. A dream yes?… Continue Reading David Luiz: The Reporter [English subtitles]