MICHAEL ISIKOFF: Barely a year ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was completely unknown to the American public. She was at the time 28 years old, a former Bernie Sanders organizer who was shaking cocktails and waiting tables at a taco and tequila bar in New York City. And yet, it’s no exaggeration… Continue Reading AOC talks 2020 election, giving up social media and why she supports Rep. Omar

So, in our series called Manufacturing Consent we went through a load of ways in which politicians try to influence the way the media report things. But one thing we didn’t consider then were outright threats. This was Staten Island’s New York Republican Representative, Michael Grimm, being interview after Barack… Continue Reading Politician threatens to throw US news reporter off balcony – Truthloader

JN: Hello Everyone! JN: As you guys know, JN: I am the only guy from America on our team *yes johnny that’s wut makes it valid* JN: So, I’ve kind of figured out which member fits which city the best. NCT: Oooohhhh!! JN: And I deci-AND I DECIDED JN: Which… Continue Reading ATTENTIONšŸ—£BREAKING NEWS!!! : NCT 127 FINALLY REVEALā€¦