My first infusion of Rock and Roll …was a tape recorded from the radio I played it all day, played it all night I was a kid and the music was feeling alright! Then they decided to cancel my Rock and Roll show now I won´t listen to that crap… Continue Reading Nightlife Defenders – I WANT MY ROCK ON THE RADIO

yes it is now if you do that throughout the whole interview I personally would spoke to Jim Carrey about Sonic the Hedgehog which is out on Valentine’s Day actually nice little Valentine’s Day treat now not any so nobody so far when I’ve done these interviews has taken the… Continue Reading Jim Carrey talks about Sonic and playing the Yes Man | The Chris Moyles Show | Radio X

Are you heading for somewhere? Are you running away? Do you call it religion? Or a game that you play? Now that summer is over See the leaves turning brown Do you feel like a failure? Did your dreams let you down? Hard times come and hard times go It’s… Continue Reading beat radio – hard times, go!

welcome to Titan Radio Live! a collaboration effort between Titan TV and Titan radio I’m your host Sharon Cardona today in the studio we have radioactive chicken heads here to perform for us if you like what you hear visit them at radioactive chicken heads calm or on their social… Continue Reading Titan Radio Live! featuring Radioactive Chicken Heads

The excitement was mutual We became fast friends Traveling through telephone towers and wire bends The distance stretched between us I haven’t heard How you been doing lately Not one word I know I’ll see you again Ba ba bum ba bum I know I’ll see you again I know… Continue Reading Aloha Radio – See You Again (Official Music Video)

* Orange Grey Matter All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws In order to avoid copyright infringement, please, do not upload this song on your channel. Only for watching, listening and streaming. DOWNLOADING copying, sharing and making available is strictly prohibited. creepin up through the weekend… Continue Reading Dirt River Radio – Black Eyed Mondays