Ukrainian commanders are concerned over how to prevent military personnel from deserting. Local journalists report that escapes have become common. President Petro Poroshenko has learned of this from a special committee report. Ekaterina Mironova studied this report. The flow of Ukrainian military men to the Russian Crimea doesn’t stop. Sailors… Continue Reading Ukrainian Servicemen Keep Deserting to Crimea, Russia – Farewell to Ukrainian Army

JUDY WOODRUFF: President Trump says he doesn’t expect to be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives, but would welcome a trial in the Republican-controlled Senate. He said today that Republicans got nothing from two weeks of congressional hearings. In fact, multiple witnesses testified that he withheld military aid to… Continue Reading News Wrap: DOJ report finds political bias did not affect FBI’s Russia probe

welcome back to the rest of the story well last fall we put these Midland radios into that can even turn it on here hey can I put these Midland radios into the 76 and the Gator we have two more of these micro mobiles tombstone we’re not sure we’re… Continue Reading Breaker, Breaker, Mr Bandit, Midland Radio 📻