Buenos días mis chimis por la mañana estamos en el barco subidos que nos vamos ya a la ciudad de Hiroshima como veis dejamos atrás la isla de Miyajima que la veis al fondo con el torii rojo, ¿lo veis? y os aconsejo que si no habéis visto mi Instagram… Continue Reading HIROSHIMA BOMBA ATOMICA | RUBEN CHIMIWINI

Ohayo! MerRyan is going to the Hiroshima Peace Park today, come join me and learn the horrors of the atomic bomb. Hiroshima was a strategic base during World War II and was chosen by the Allied forces as a target for the atomic bomb. The bomb struck the city on… Continue Reading The Story of Sadako Sasaki & leukemia cranes | Hiroshima Peace Park | MerRyan Hiroshima Japan Guide

Hiroshima, Japan is known around the world for being an event, more than an actual place. On the 6th August 1945. The city was completely destroyed. The resulting radiation was so deadly that the survivors and their families still suffer from increased cancer rates to this day. Visiting the Peace… Continue Reading Visiting HIROSHIMA Today: IS IT SAFE from RADIATION?!