Hello I’m from the Australien Government As you may have noticed, we’re in the process of transitioning to Authoritarianism Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything In fact, doing and saying nothing will greatly assist us in this process For guidance, just look to the Labor Party Sadly, not… Continue Reading Honest Government Ad | Quiet Australians

Okay, okay About 1,000 men are standing in front of the door (Mmh) Bitch, there is no kiss on the hand (Uh-uh) Only photos plus autograph (Yes) Easy, easy Okay, okay The customers are always calling me (Wrr) And they drive me out of my mind (Yes) Today it’s snowing… Continue Reading TMM TMM (Remix) (Full) MV/Animation – (Social Media Personified/SMP)

Coming up a little later the ten best careers for someone at your level of attractiveness. Oh, but right now we have something truly incredible for you. Kenneth Quinn is a real life psychic medium who claims that he can communicate with dead acquaintances. He’s written a new book, it’s… Continue Reading Medium Channels The Spirits Of Old Acquaintances For Awkward Small Talk

You just hit six years, your anniversary. Congratulations, and the show. -We did. Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] -I’m sure the same question people like me get asked, you get asked, “It probably feels a little bit longer than six years after everything that’s happened.” -It feels like… Continue Reading Chris Hayes Had the Best Day on Social Media When Tucker Carlson Attacked Him

-This is really impressive. You started, independent of this documentary, a research institute, yes? -Yes. -To study gender in media. -Yes. -What gave you that idea and how do you go about starting something like that? -Right. I didn’t know, but it was because when my daughter was a toddler,… Continue Reading Geena Davis Says There’s Been Zero Progress in Female Representation in Media

(copying ali-a) What is up guys today we’re going to do the LWIAY challenge Ali-A meme taken to new heights pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa Welcome everyone to LWIAY YouTube’s favorite show everybody where I review the memes and you guys post them You are… Continue Reading I’M OFFICIALLY RETIRING AND HANDING AWAY MY CHANNEL – LWAIY #0036

The International network, or “Internet”, allows users to access information and imagery from anywhere in the world. A useful tool for education. But there are darker, more sinister things to be found. I’ve spoken to an expert who has chosen to remain anonymous. So what sort of things can you… Continue Reading Internet Report from 1993

Is anyone around to take a picture? I’m planking! and now everyone look at mommy’s Okay, somebody say something to make me laugh Let’s try this again… Uh, rain is wet snow C’mon babes, now on here Can you put it down a little bit? There you go, If you… Continue Reading Meet the social media influencer family | This is That