17:17:55:03>>>Coming up next on “Arizona 17:30:11:27 Horizon,” the parent company of 17:30:14:12 two major local media outlets is 17:30:16:21 splitting up its broadcast and 17:30:18:21 newspaper holdings. 17:30:20:09>>>An upcoming event looks to 17:30:21:21 focus on the life cycle of 17:30:23:24 innovation. 17:30:24:06>>And we’ll see how old 17:30:25:09 technology is being… Continue Reading Television and Newspaper Breakups & 2014 Innovation Arizona Summit & Hazel and Violet Ink

[Music plays] (Dr Bannister) A fast radio burst is very much like what it sounds. It’s a very fast burst of radio waves. It comes from outer space, a long way away. And by fast, I mean really fast. So it starts and stops in about a thousandth of a… Continue Reading What is a fast radio burst?

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Music Narrator: This is the giant elliptical galaxy Centaurus A. Radio and X-ray images reveal features associated with jets driven by the galaxy’s supermassive black hole. Now, the TANAMI project has provided the best-ever view of these jets. In this radio image of the galaxy’s core, the black hole is… Continue Reading NASA | Radio Telescopes Capture Best-Ever Snapshot of a Black Hole’s Jet

Southern spring on Mars brings sublimation of the seasonal dry ice polar cap. Gas trapped under the seasonal ice sheet carves channels on its way to escaping to the atmosphere. At this site, the channels are wider than we see elsewhere on Mars meaning that the spider-like terrain here is… Continue Reading Wide, Branching Channels

Hi, I’m Emily Graslie, chief curiosity correspondent for the Field Museum here in Chicago and host of The Brain Scoop! What’s The Brain Scoop? Well… [ELECTRONIC BUZZING] EMILY: I don’t even think about the fact that I’m practically kissing this thing. ADAM FERGUSON: It is like we said. We don’t… Continue Reading Welcome to The Brain Scoop! [Channel Trailer]

Life is Awesome And I found that if you look closely enough at any part of any animal, you’re going to find a miracle. Positive Respectful Family Friendly Reliable Why don’t hummingbirds get diabetes? I have never once thought of that! Every Week Please subscribe to learn what makes Life… Continue Reading BioBush Channel Trailer