OK. Don’t worry, OK. The truth will come out and you will be exonerated. I can feel it. I hope so. I’m just ready for my love to get back to normal. As if. I think I can help with that. Yeah? Uh huh. You think or you know? Derek… Continue Reading Alex And Derek Are Stopped By A Reporter | Season 1 Ep. 10 | STAR

Been together 37 years. We have a 22 year old son, a 20 year old daughter. They both drive, of course. You know what that means? As soon as they get in the car they take over the radio station. I have to listen to the worst music I’ve ever… Continue Reading Brad Upton sings along to the radio #DryBarComedy

Only two weeks have passed and I’ve already got my first match. From a girl! How many did you get? Umm? I mean it’s just been one week for you, but still? How many did you get? Umm, 27. What? Oh, 28! How is that possible? How many did you… Continue Reading Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E05 – ‘Getting Functional’

welcome to our first daughter to report today were hanging out on the radiance sightseeing with the diverse is all about with me to help us learn today is an teenage hello so are you called the anti mage I don’t like magic and why is that it all started… Continue Reading The DOTA 2 Reporter: Season 1 [All Episodes]

Hello brothers and sisters! Even I’ve entered the race now. So open your Woo app and vote only for me! I’ll take you for dinner at a place you can’t even imagine. Let’s keep it as a surprise for now and on a different topic I’d like to tell you… Continue Reading Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E09 – ‘High’s Well That Ends Well’

I did it. I have cracked Woo. I put all my real information in it and voila! Now there are back to back matches lined up. Height 5’10”, hometown Delhi, everything’s correct. Now I’m just waiting for that one person to give me a match and I’m all sex. I’m… Continue Reading Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E10 – ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’

So the Woo guys have already paid me for promoting their app. Actually, they wanted me to convince Robin to make a celebrity profile on Woo because now he’s the hero of Rakht Bimb. So today I slyly made Robin’s profile as well on his phone. And I put only… Continue Reading Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E04 – ‘Superheroes’

I don’t know why I’m not getting any matches. Now, I’ve even changed my profile pic, to make it look more real. Look. This is not photoshopped, I swear. It’s actually Hrithik Roshan’s poster. My profile is 100% real now. Please, help me win against Robin. I swear, if you’re… Continue Reading Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E07 – ‘Reflections of Blood’

I’m not getting even a single match, how are you doing it? You had got one last week, didn’t you? Yeah, I’ve my doubts about that one. I don’t think she’s the real Katrina Kaif. Show me your profile. When was this photo taken? No I mean, to those who… Continue Reading Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E06 – ‘In-House Talent’

-All right, little girls. I gotta be at my next group in an hour, so we gotta hurry this up. Come on, do as she says, guys. Rachel is a social media wizard. Come on, let’s go. Let’s not waste my time. Let’s get cozy. Show me what ya got.… Continue Reading The Girls Take Photos For Social Media | Season 1 Ep. 11 | STAR