As far as like, social media goes I personally, I’m not on everything. I use Instagram, I don’t use Snapchat, I use Facebook but I don’t even, I don’t have the Messenger app installed on my phone out of principle. I just, I just don’t want to have all these… Continue Reading Best Social Media For Dating + Texting App Considerations

Author Seth Godin writes a blog post every day. Karen X. Cheng, the founder of the creative agency Waffle, danced every day for a year — at work, at bus stops, in line at the grocery store. Kanye West, before he won dozens of Grammys, made five beats a day… Continue Reading To Do Big Things, Take on Microprojects

We love information. In order to communicate information, we need mediums. In today’s world this means we’re dependent on things like: newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet. The Media For those of you that don’t know, media is simply the plural form of the word medium. Now the thing… Continue Reading The Media (The Conscious Side and The Shadow Side)

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we’ll discuss a few lessons I’ve learned since leaving my teenage years behind to give some of our younger viewers some ammunition for adulthood. In a recent video, Raphael shared 10 things he wishes he had known in his 20s; now… Continue Reading 11 Things I Wish I Had Known in My Teens – Adult Tips for My Younger Self

We are in the information age. Also known as the digital age. This is an age where… Society has shifted away from the traditional industries, into an era of technological advancement. Into an era where the majority of the economy is based on information technology. Now we all know that… Continue Reading Spirituality in The Information Age

Welcome to the spiritual field. The land of confusion. So many people have so many different opinions, and so many of them contradict. It’s almost impossible to figure out what the hell is right and wrong in this field of different opinions. And this confusion is compounded when some of… Continue Reading The Truth About Channels and Channeling

Translator: Lukas Kompatscher Reviewer: Hélène Vernet Hello everybody! Actually, this was intended to be on the big screen. So my goal is now to memorize 24 digits as the start of my speech. And here is a random number generator that will start now. And when I say “Start!” it… Continue Reading Memory techniques – Your secret weapon in the information age | Simon Reinhard | TEDxTUM

Yeah and it sounds like one of, you know like the killer app of A.O.L. was community that really getting, That’s one of the reasons why you succeeded over Compuserve or Prodigy, was A.O.L was approachable and you built a community there. And so it’s kind of like power to… Continue Reading 10/13 – Steve Case: People, Partnerships & Perseverance made AOL a success – Steve Case Interview

Why were you suicidal? It’s because going through very big states in life, but I can go so deep that I don’t find a way out. I know you right now. You got a lot to give. -Can you feel me? -I do. You and I are gonna make a… Continue Reading Tony Robbins: I AM NOT YOUR GURU | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix