at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the latest developments in 5g technology are presented by range of companies across various industries 5g technology has moved beyond telecommunications and is penetrating into industries like media and mobility in fact Samsung and Chinese firms like Lenovo and TCL are… Continue Reading 5G technology expands to media and mobility at CES 2020

Title: Radio Show: Best Vintage Jazz Music Radio Shows in 1940 & 1950

Japanese media reported the president moon showed his determination to improve ties with Tokyo Kyoto News highlighted how the South Korean leader noted the need to take violet relations to the next level that looks towards the future however it pointed out that moon didn’t mention the root cause of… Continue Reading Japanese media says President Moon’s New Year’s Address shows urge to improve Seoul-Tokyo ties

Title: Radio Show and Best Vintage Jazz Music Radio Shows in 1940 & 1950

David: Hey, real quick before we go to break, new study from the Pew Research Center, 6% of scientists are Republicans. So I guess maybe reality and facts do have a liberal bias. Louis: What do you think, the wealthiest 6%? David: No, I don’t know. I have no idea.… Continue Reading Only 6% of Scientists Are Republican…Reality Has Liberal Bias?

-I have to comment on your shoes. Man! What are these jams? -Some Gucci loafers. Yeah! You’re pulling it off. You’re pulling it off, baby. Pretty good. -Really, just literally two minutes ago, I was putting cream on my ankles ’cause they were really ashy, so I’m glad I did… Continue Reading Idris Elba Shows Off His “Quiet Storm” Radio DJ Voice