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-I am Lilly Singh. I actually just changed my Instagram handle to @Lilly. That’s right. Just Lilly. I’m famous. [ Laughter ] Go ahead and smash that follow button. But don’t expect me to post too much. Because real talk — I’m trying my best to limit my time on… Continue Reading Social Media Is Destroying Our Brains

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I was talking to a guy at a party in California about tech platforms and the problems they’re creating in society. And he said, “Man, if the CEOs just did more drugs and went to Burning Man, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” (Laughter) I said, “I’m not sure I… Continue Reading What obligation do social media platforms have to the greater good? | Eli Pariser

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself how could they not like my post? Or oh my gosh didn’t they see what I posted? I got no comments this is for you hey guys I’m Robyn D’Angelo licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and The Happy Couple Expert today I want to… Continue Reading 3 Tips to Not Let Social Media Ruin Your Relationship

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